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Brevard County Florida

Class and Sentence Guide for Florida Felony Crimes

A judge handing down a Florida felony verdict

A Class and Sentence Guide for Florida Felony Crimes June 7, 2022 In Florida, felonies are distinguished from misdemeanors based on the time the individual who committed the felony could spend in prison. In Florida, crimes that result in up to a year’s county jail time are classified as misdemeanors. Whereas, felonies typically carry penalties […]

Choosing Your Florida Criminal Defense Attorney

Florida Criminal Defense Attorney

Choosing Your Florida Criminal Defense Attorney May 20, 2022 If you or your loved one has been arrested or charged with a criminal offense in Florida, you need to seek the guidance of a Florida criminal defense attorney. Hiring an experienced lawyer can help you approach the case effectively and seek appropriate advice to stay […]

Brevard County Jail Resources

Brevard County Jail

Brevard County Jail Resources Brevard County Jail Inmate Information & Resources If a loved one is arrested for a crime in Brevard County, Florida, you can expect them to most likely be booked and processed at the Brevard County Jail. Brevard County Jail Complex 860 Camp Road, FL 32927 Main Phone 321-690-1500 Dial 0 for […]

Brevard County Case Search

BECA Brevard Electronic Court Application

Brevard County Case Search Brevard Electronic Court Application (BECA) If you have an interest in a pending case in Brevard County, whether as a party in the case or as an observer, it will be important to keep track of the status of the court case. You should know about this clerk of the court, […]

DUI in Florida: Offense & Penalties

DUI in Florida

DUI in Florida: Offense & Penalties December 3, 2021 The state of Florida has some of the strictest DUI laws in the country. If you are convicted of a DUI in Florida, you will not be able to have your record wiped or sealed. It will be recorded on your record for the next 75 […]

Violating Probation in Florida

probation or house arrest

Violating Probation in Florida – What You Need to Know November 15, 2021 Anyone convicted of a crime in the state of Florida could face a variety of punishments. Depending on the crime, some criminal offenders are condemned to imprisonment while others are given probation instead. Probation is seen as a viable alternative to incarceration. […]

Community Control in Florida: Know the Rules

What is community control in Florida

Community Control in Florida: Know the Rules November 2, 2021 People who have been convicted of a crime may be able to persuade a judge to let them serve their sentences in their homes under certain conditions. These arrangements are called probation agreements. Probation is a court-ordered period that cannot exceed the maximum punishment for […]

Motions For Stay Pending Appeal

motions for stay pending appeal

Motions for Stay Pending Appeal October 14, 2021 How Do I Stop the Judge’s Order From Taking Effect? If you just got a bad ruling from the Court, do not panic. You may be able to stop the ruling from going into effect when a case is pending at the trial court level, and a […]

Oral Argument on Appeal

Lawyer making oral argument

Oral Argument on Appeal December 14, 2020 What is an oral argument?  How do I prepare for appeals arguments? If your case is appealed, the Appellate Court could grant your attorney an opportunity to appear before the Appellate Court and argue your case orally. The Appellate Court would consider allowing oral argument in your case only after […]

In Brevard County Do Not Shoot Your Friends


In Brevard County Do Not Shoot Your Friends April 3, 2019 Charles Eugene Ferris and Christopher Hicks SOURCE: Benton County Sheriff’s Office WESH TV, a local station in Central Florida, reported on two men, friends, who were arrested for shooting each other – one in the back and one in the chest.  Both men wore […]

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