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DUI Checkpoints and Field Sobriety Tests in Florida

DUI Checkpoints and Field Sobriety Tests

The Florida Highway Patrol establishes DUI checkpoints in areas where people are suspected of driving under the influence. These sobriety checkpoints are also conducted at times when drivers are most likely to have had a few drinks, such as late at night, as they drive home from dinner and drinks. Or early in the morning after a party.

DUI Checkpoint Florida

Local law enforcement is required by law to publicize these DUI checkpoints in Florida, informing drivers when and where the events will take place. When conducting these checkpoints, law enforcement must adhere to strict procedures or risk being charged with police misconduct.

When selecting vehicles or motorists for questioning, they cannot be at random or biased. The selection process must follow a formula, such as every single vehicle, every third vehicle, and so on. They must also have a reason to detain a driver for additional testing, such as slurred speech or the odor of alcohol on their breath.

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Understanding Sobriety Checkpoints

The more you understand what happens at a DUI checkpoint, the better prepared you will be to remain calm and avoid making any mistakes. If you are suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol, the officer will request that you perform a field sobriety test to assess your balance and coordination. You have the option to refuse and request to speak with an attorney. You can also request to speak with an attorney at the police station before submitting any tests.

The only way they can take blood in Florida is with your consent or if you have caused an accident where there’s serious bodily injury. You also have to be under arrest before they can even offer you a breath test. Even if the results show that you are intoxicated, the test’s reliability and accuracy are questionable.

It is important to note that evading a sobriety checkpoint on purpose can result in charges of fleeing the scene. If you attempt to flee a checkpoint, you may face even harsher criminal penalties than if you followed through and contacted an experienced Florida DUI lawyer after being arrested.

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By understanding your legal rights during a DUI checkpoint, Fl, and remaining as calm and civil as possible, you give yourself the best chance of a favorable outcome and give your attorney time to prepare a solid defense of your DUI charges. 

If you have been charged with DUI or leaving the scene of a DUI checkpoint in Florida, Legal Eagles are here to defend you. We are a nationally recognized firm with a track record of thousands of successful cases. Contact Mario Gunde Peters & Kelley right away to schedule a free consultation, discuss your options, and learn how we can help you.

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