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Alimony or Spousal Support

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Are you concerned about how your impending divorce will affect your financial condition? If the answer is yes, we urge you to seek the expertise of a qualified Florida spousal support attorney at Mario Gunde Peters & Kelley! With us in your corner, you can file for alimony as part of your divorce

What Is Spousal Support or Alimony?

Spousal Support or Alimony is money one spouse pays another as part of their divorce agreement. Spousal support helps alleviate the economic impact felt by the lesser-earning or financially less-advantaged party. This monetary benefit is often given out if the spouse has given up their career or education to support their partner or growing family.  

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Alimony payment


If no alimony is awarded in the Final Judgment then any right to it is forever extinguished. As with many issues in a divorce case, it is important to fully present your case the first time.

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