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Divorce or Dissolution

Divorce or Dissolution of Marriage

Divorce or Dissolution of Marriage is a large topic and there are many facets that will require attention from you and your divorce lawyer. We are knowledgeable divorce attorneys who can help answer your questions with a free consultation. 


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Florida Divorce

The Divorce statutes in Florida are complicated. Ongoing changes can also add to the complexity.   Changes create new case law that needs to be followed that sometimes only a good family law or divorce attorney can help navigate. 

In Florida, there are “No-Fault” divorces meaning there is no place for faulty behavior in determining a dissolution of marriage.  It is not required to have one party cheat or conduct any type of faulty behavior to get a divorce.

Sometimes both parties can undertake a simplified divorce or an uncontested divorce which helps the process move quickly.   In other cases, both parties may be adversarial and get into heated disagreements over property, debts, and children. 

Florida Uncontested Divorce 

In an uncontested divorce both parties work together to agree on who the children will live with, how property is divided, debt assigned, and any alimony needs or issues.   When the parties in a divorce work together, and with the help of an experienced divorce attorney, the process is usually much quicker and therefore results in less cost for both parties involved. Simplified dissolutions are also a good option when both parties have limited assets and/or desire privacy during the divorce process.

Florida Contested Divorces 

When the parties will not work together using the uncontested process,  the result is to use the Florida Contested Dissolution of Marriage.  The law and rules for this process are often too complex for clients to successfully navigate on their own.  Parties might disagree over a variety of points and issues.

Post Dissolution

The Final Judgment or Final Order in your divorce is often not the end of the process. Issues can arise where you may need to visit the court once again to resolve them. A good divorce lawyer will help you navigate new issues as they arise, like name changes, changes in custody, changes in timesharing arrangements, alimony modifications, and more.

Comprehensive Divorce Representation

Our divorce attorneys can handle virtually all divorce-related issues, including the following:

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