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Regardless of how intense or heated a legal battle might get, mediation is the answer both parties should seek to reduce the cost, time, and emotional duress associated with being involved in a divorce trial. At Mario Gunde Peters & Kelley, we have certified family law mediators who have the experience needed to mediate all types of family law cases. We have amassed relevant knowledge and expertise in the practice and have trained our associates to provide excellent family mediation services. 


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What Is Family Law Mediation?

In Florida family law mediation, an experienced, impartial individual helps the involved parties reach a mutually agreed-upon resolution outside of court. The mediator does not render a decision. Instead, they foster an informal, non-adversarial environment to encourage an honest discussion between the parties to find creative solutions to their grievances. 

At Mario Gunde Peters & Kelley, we have the expertise to mediate family law and appellate matter cases. This non-adversarial process of resolving and mediating an issue is beneficial in situations where the involved parties might let their emotions cloud their judgment. It allows them to reach a mutually beneficial resolution as a result of cooperation and compromise. 

Mediation helps the parties see eye to eye. It works best when the parties are engaged in a parenting dispute, looking to form a marital settlement agreement, or are having difficulty resolving a conflict over asset division or money. 

Benefits of Mediation

If you choose mediation, you can eliminate the expense and time you would have to expend when going to trial. Moreover, in mediation, you have some control over the outcome instead of letting the judge decide your case for you. 

As experienced mediators, Mario Gunde Peters & Kelley can eliminate all communication hurdles between both parties and assist them in exploring alternative solutions and voluntary agreements to resolve the dispute quickly. But the ultimate decision will remain up to the parties. Mediation also gives the involved people the opportunity to maintain their privacy and manage the mediation schedule rather than waiting for the court to set a date for the trial. 

What Does the Mediation Process Entail?

In a family law mediation case, you will complete a financial affidavit and proposed parenting plan, if you have children, before the actual proceedings. The involved parties will discuss all the conflicts between them during the process. Mediation can result in these three outcomes:

  • Complete Agreement: A resolution that is agreed upon entirely by both parties.
  • Partial Agreement: In specific cases, you might not have enough time or information to agree, so you can sign a partial agreement highlighting the areas you agree on and then continue mediation over the remaining issues.
  • No Agreement: Even though this results in no agreement, both parties get the chance to see the opposition’s stance on the issues, helping them prepare for the trial.

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