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About Our Law Firm

Mario Gunde Peters & Kelley (Legal Eagles) was established in 1976 by Anthony Mario, Retired. We are experienced criminal and family lawyers in Brevard County, Florida with offices in Cocoa and Melbourne. Our attorneys have jury trial experience for almost every type of criminal charge from serious felony cases to simple misdemeanors. The firm is very experienced in divorce litigation including complex divorces that cross international or state boundaries. We also have years of experience handling personal injury, bankruptcy, wills, and foreclosure defense. With well over 67 years of combined experience, our attorneys have the knowledge of the law and legal system to get you the best possible result for your case.  Our attorneys have been practicing in the courtrooms of Brevard County and before the Circuit and County judges here for over 26 years. 

At Mario Gunde Peters & Kelley, your desires and needs are paramount. As your Lawyers in Brevard County, we bring compassion as well as competence to your case. We believe a strong attorney-client partnership is essential in achieving the goals you have for your case.

Our Philosophy “We are not in the practice of law solely to make money. We share a commitment to helping others and believe that by doing our best for each client we help elevate our profession.”

Legal Eagle’s results speak for themselves.  Our attorneys have secured not guilty jury trial verdicts in multiple felony and misdemeanor cases including DUIs, and have successfully represented hundreds of family law clients with favorable resolutions.

Choosing a Lawyer Mario Gunde Peters & Kelley

How To Choose A Lawyer

You want to hire the right lawyer for the right price. Experience Counts: There can be fear in hiring a lawyer. You’re stepping into the unknown. How do you know the best lawyer for your situation? Our firm has well over forty-six years of combined experience in criminal, family, and civil trial practice with four attorneys to assist you. We’re known for being fair, reasonable, tough, and professional. Ask around about us.

Our Lawyers in Brevard County will work hard to negotiate a favorable settlement to your case but if that is not possible we will not hesitate to fight for you in Court. Mario Gunde Peters & Kelley goes to trial on dozens of cases each year and chances are we have tried cases similar to yours.

A Word About Fees

“How much is it going to cost?” We base fees on the estimated time needed to handle your case completely. Fees are something to talk about after we have discussed the facts of your case.

A fair fee is tied to the time it takes to resolve your problem. The less you pay, the less time a lawyer can give to your case. No good attorney will quote a fee without knowing what your case is about. Beware of “flat fees.” They have a way of ballooning after you’ve been hooked. Remember there are usually no flat fees for most divorces, DUI’s, and criminal cases.

We offer pay-as-you-go plans, we accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. We put fee agreements in writing so there are no surprises and no misunderstandings.


Lawyer Fees at Mario Gunde Peters / Kelley