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Out of State DUI in Florida

Out of State DUI

Driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs can have life-altering repercussions for all persons involved. Even if you were driving alone and did not cause any injuries or property damage, a driver arrested while under the influence of alcohol or drugs faces severe legal consequences. This is especially true in Florida, which has some of the strictest DUI laws and penalties in the country.

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What Happens When You Face DUI Charges in Florida?

Almost all states participate in the Driver’s License Compact, which mandates the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) of one state to exchange critical traffic violations with the DMV of the individual’s home state. Therefore, while you may believe that your penalties will not carry over to your home state, regrettably, this is not the case. 

If you receive an out-of-state DUI in Florida, you will be tried and punished (if guilty) in accordance with Florida state law. When you return home, your license will be suspended following the statutes of your home state.

Allow Us to Defend You against DUI Charges

If you’ve been charged with DUI in Florida, you have 10 days to take action. Do not hesitate to retain the services of a Florida DUI Lawyer at Legal Eagles. Our attorney will explain and work with you to defend your driver’s license and the DHMSV hearing process.

There is no disputing that everyone, even law enforcement, makes mistakes. From improper handling of test data to failing to read your required rights, these errors might result in evidence being suppressed in your case, strengthening your defense while undermining the prosecution’s case.

For example, if an officer did not have probable cause to pull over a motorist, the evidence gathered during the stop may be thrown out. Similarly, if the arresting officer acted unlawfully or abused your rights in any manner, any evidence acquired, as a result, may be inadmissible.

Depending on the facts of your case, we may also be able to contest field sobriety examinations as these tests are highly subjective and may be found to be inadequate evidence for DUI charges on their own. Chemical tests can also be contested. Incorrect calibration, failure to administer tests correctly or on time, and improper handling of results can all invalidate this evidence. We will identify the right defense and present you in court to safeguard your rights based on your case.

Get In Touch With a DUI Specialist at Legal Eagles 

If you are charged with an out-of-state DUI in Florida, contact Mario Gunde Peters & Kelley at Legal Eagles. We have successfully defended thousands of DUI cases similar to yours over the years and understand the legal technicalities of out-of-state DUI. We offer a free introductory appointment to explore your or a loved one’s situation.

Additionally, we provide a variety of payment options and can work with you to accommodate your financial situation. Contact our offices as soon as possible to talk with a member of our staff and arrange for a complimentary case evaluation. We can fight to keep you out of trouble in Florida and at home.


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