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Equitable Distribution in Florida

Equitable Distribution

Mario Gunde Peters & Kelley attorneys have the in-depth experience and knowledge needed to represent clients in equitable distribution cases in Florida.

If you and your spouse cannot agree on the division of your finances, assets, and debts, Florida law requires the court to divide the assets based on the principle of equitable distribution. It does not necessarily mean that the shares will be equally divided. Instead, they will be divided based on what the judge deems fair. 

equitable distribution of assets

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Mario Gunde Peters & Kelley Aims for Fair Property & Asset Division

We offer effective divorce litigation for Florida residents. Given our vast experience, we understand the factors used to decide the division of assets in an equitable distribution case. Let’s explore the factors:

Monetary Circumstances

The court aims to deliver a result that allows the involved parties to maintain their specific lifestyles. For instance, if one partner cannot support themselves individually, they might receive a more significant share of the marital assets, including the finances in the retirement accounts. 

Contributions to the Marriage

The court also assesses the involved parties’ contribution to the marriage, which is more than their financial contribution. For instance, if one of the partners was a stay-at-home parent who raised the children or worked long hours to support their spouse as they studied, it can impact the judge’s final decision in an equitable distribution case in Florida.

Child Maintenance 

If the children from the marriage will primarily live with one parent, the court might decide the give that parent the ownership of the marital home to avoid any needless disruption to the children’s routine. 

Duration of the Marriage

Lastly, the court might also determine the equitable distribution by assessing the marriage duration and then dividing the assets fairly amongst the affected parties.

Disputes Regarding Marital & Separate Property

When it comes to equitable distribution, the lawyers at our firm try their best to resolve the conflicts between you and your spouse outside of court with mediation. However, if you cannot reach a mutually agreed-upon conclusion, we do not shy away from defending your rights in court. 

Moreover, we will also help you resolve questions regarding the division of assets. For instance, we can guide your focus toward marital properties and steer away from non-marital assets that your partner acquired, or was gifted, before the marriage. 

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The Legal Eagles at Mario Gunde Peters & Kelley have experienced family lawyers who can provide you with exceptional divorce litigation expertise, including knowledge about property division. Schedule an appointment with us to understand your specific case and provide you with the guidance you need to make an informed decision. 

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