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Ten Divorce Mistakes To Avoid

Divorce mistakes to avoid

October 13, 2021

If you are getting divorced or considering a divorce in Brevard County, FL – or if you are anticipating that your partner will be seeking a divorce – you need to consider ten divorce mistakes to avoid. They are very common and frequently made during the
divorce process.

The process of getting divorced involves many potential challenges. It is a big decision that will forever alter the lives of all involved, including children. Many divorcing spouses are able to reach a peaceful resolution together. However, even if you and your spouse are on good terms, there are many challenges which you need to make sure you address. If you are one of those couples who have not been able to agree, your divorce may need to address legal and financial issues, contentious ownership disputes, and difficult decisions that can impact the rest of your lives.

Read through these ten divorce mistakes to avoid in order to secure the best possible outcome from your divorce. Then seek out a reputable Family Law Attorney to guide you through the process, such as one of the attorneys at Mario Gunde Peters & Kelley.

  1. Trying to save money by avoiding an indepth consultation with a lawyer who devotes a large part of his/her practice to family law.
  2. Not taking the time to find out how much money you will need to live on after youre divorced. People who have no budget have no idea how much theyll reasonably need to live on until its too late.
  3. Not knowing how much debt you have and who is going to be obligated to pay it. If one party agrees in writing to pay a debt and fails to do so, will you still be liable for it? Will you have to pay it even if the divorce decree says your spouse is responsible for it?
  4. Wanting out of the marriage so quickly that you donpay close enough attention to the money actually changing hands or skimming over language in a marital settlement agreement without being sure what it really means.
  5. Trying a doityourselfdivorce, writing your own divorce agreement or going to a paralegal, who is prohibited by law from giving you legal advice.
  6. Accepting child custody terms that will not work out for legal and/or practical reasons. Or, agreeing to vague visitation provisions which may prove unworkable or unfavorable in the future.
  7. Being unaware of the interrelationship between child support, alimony and visitation or how child support is factored and what needs to be included in your calculations.
  8. Finalizing a property settlement agreement without knowing how it affects your premarital and separate assets; or how much of any pension, profit sharing401k, IRA or other retirement plan you are entitled to.
  9. Agreeing to settle for alimony or division of marital property without knowing its fairness, its tax consequences or learning how these issues can be maximized to give both parties a larger share of the pie without violating tax laws.
  10. Thinking that if it turns out that you dont like the agreement or that its unfair to you, you can always go back to court and get it fixed.

While navigating a divorce can feel overwhelming, remember you don’t have to go through it alone. By seeking professional guidance, understanding key financial aspects, and avoiding common pitfalls, you can ensure a smoother process and secure a more favorable outcome for yourself and your loved ones. Remember, the right legal guidance can empower you to move forward with confidence and clarity. So, take a deep breath, prioritize informed decision-making, and embark on this new chapter with the knowledge and support of Mario Gunde Peters & Kelley by your side.

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